Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Potter

The boy who lived now lives with us. Meet Merry Potter, just in time for Christmas.

He's missing the dark hair, but you can tell it's him because of the lightning shaped scar on his forehead. We are excited because of all the magical abilities we already detect in this budding magician. For example, he makes messes materialize out of thin air. He makes toys, books, and Christmas tree ornaments levitate and crash on the floor. And, contrary to the five exceptions to Gawp's Transfiguration Laws, he also makes food appear out of nowhere and trail all over the carpet. A prodigy indeed.

Some of you may be wondering how he got this scar. Well, one morning, when Voldeliam was attempting to kill or at least severely maim the young Merry Potter, there was a flash of light from Mama's camera, and Voldeliam brought out his magic wand filled with ink, and the spell rebounded, and yet they both still lived.

Apparently Voldeliam believes the prophecy that "neither can live while the other survives", since he regularly attacks his brother. Merry is, however, learning to defend himself.

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