Thursday, January 3, 2008

Love writing, hate writing

Here's what I wrote back in September 2005:

"I feel so stupid today. I don’t know what I’m going to write. I look forward all day to having time to write, and then when the time comes, I dread it because it’s difficult to make clever things come out of my brain. I sometimes just stare at the screen and hate what I’ve written, or my ideas about what to write next. I really could use the money from being published, too, and that makes me feel even more pressure to do well, and to do it quickly."

I wrote that over two years ago, when the first book was less than half done. It makes me feel better to read that now because I still finished it, and I managed to stick a couple of good sentences in there while I was at it. Now, when it's difficult to write, when I'm totally blocked, when I think everything I write is terrible, here's evidence that I felt this way before and I got through it. So all I have to do is keep my butt in the chair and keep writing in spite of it all.