Friday, February 22, 2008

Going too far

I've blogged about some budgeting ideas that make me laugh because they assume someone who wants to spend less money is already spending way too much. Now here are some budgeting ideas that make me laugh because, well, you've gotta have a life. There are some depths to which I will not sink in order to save money.

1. Reusing sandwich/freezer bags.

2. Flushing the toilet less often.

3. Sharing lawnmowers with neighbors.

4. Sharing hygiene items with family members.

5. Disconnecting the internet.

Reality check:

1. Unless we have to live through another Depression and the alternative is starvation, I'm not washing out plastic bags for reuse. I may be miserly, but I can also think of a million other things I'd rather do with my time than save a few cents by rinsing sandwich bags. Sometimes saving time is as important as saving money.

2. Gross. I don't care how much water it uses to flush. Toilets are supposed to be flushed. That's what they're made to do.

3. Sure, it costs a couple hundred bucks to buy a lawnmower. But we have enough trouble finding time in the summer to mow our lawn as it is without waiting in line for our turn.

4. Sorry, honey, Irish Spring just isn't my thing. Ladies' deodorant may be more expensive, but I refuse to go anywhere in public smelling like a man. And if I find you using my pink razors on your face, my hairy legs will kick your butt.

5. Are you kidding? Why not just send me off to live in a cave in the mountains with the children and not let me come back to civilization for 20 years?


Sara & Company said...

Hee hee...Of all those, I think the Internet might just kill me the most. Sadly, I don't know what I would do without my instant, continual access to the wonderful world of the internet. I use it for so many things all the time every day and am now spoiled enough to have a computer upstairs and on my main floor. It is all to convenient and too easy to check something real quick while waiting for Will's poop to come out or in the 45 seconds before the kids realize that I've "escaped." However, without it, rather than sitting here in the middle of the night I could actually be attacking the dinner dishes....but for sanity reasons, they can wait!

The AZ McMillans said...

Does it count if I rewrite #5 "Downgrade from high-speed internet to dial-up?" My hubby keeps making that suggestion, but he gets his happy high speed at work. I don't have the time to wait 30 minutes for my email to download! We did dial-up up until about a year ago and I'm not willing to go back.

The Shaw Family said...

hee hee! I agree with you on the sandwich baggie thing! My mom did that, and it totally grosses me out! Oh, and I think Joe's head would implode if we ever got rid of the Internet. He always checks before we move anywhere, as to whether we can have DSL or not!

Nat & Kari said...

I agree with you, unless starvation was inevitable I would not use any of those $ saving techniques. Seriously, it is assumed that your out spending happy and need to get control of yourself, when in reality some of us simply have the mortgage, utilities, food, and a car payment so what do you cut? Here in hurricaneville cutting the TV or the internet which keeps us abreast of the everyday status of the ocean just at our doorstep is crucial to surivival. Especially as hurricane season is 6 months long! Not flushing the toilet. GROSS!