Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Last beginning?

I was about 35 pages into my second book when I decided the plot just wasn't going to work the way I was writing it. So that means overhaul. All I have to do is blow it up, pick up the pieces, cut and paste, and then add something else brilliant until the remnants create something more beautiful than what I began with.

It will be worthwhile, I tell myself. It will make more sense and be easier to write once the pieces come together. But even if I keep most of what I've already written and use it in the middle or the end, I still have to change what I've got. I won't, for example, need to introduce my characters at the end.

In some ways, it will become easier. I won't be as clueless about what will happen as I was for the first book. This, however, makes what I think is the seventh time I've started the book. Beginnings. I never knew they could be so hard. I know writing is all about revision. I don't mind that. But I hope this is the last beginning.

"This morning I took out a comma, and this afternoon I put it back again." Oscar Wilde

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Sara & Company said...

I just think it is amazing that you are making the effort. I was trying to jot down some thoughts/notes for a sort of poem I want to do for my mom and that's got me all in a jumble. It eventually comes together, but it takes a bit for it to work out....and that is less than a page! Best of luck to you!