Monday, April 14, 2008

Do you love Canada?

If you lived in Canada before, live in Canada now, or have visited Canada before, I would like you to post to this blog right here to tell me what you love about Canada. I will start. I hope everyone will post lots of comments.

1. Tim Horton's

2. Roch Voisine

3. Caramilk

4. Shreddies

5. Sarah McLachlan

6. Metric system

7. Joy Kogawa

8. CBC and Radio-Canada

9. Museum of Civilization

10. Anne of Green Gables


Sara & Company said...

Yeah...I must not be a Canadian as I know of only a few of those. What fun memories you must have.

Nat & Kari said...

I love Anne of Green Gables too, though I've never been to P.E. Island. I also love the Emily of New Moon series which I am currently re-reading. And it must be said that the Canadian side of Niagra Falls is much more impressive than the U.S. side.

Nat & Kari said...

P.S. My uncle loves Canada so much that he left the U.S. and took out Canadian citizenship. He left over 40 years ago and never came back!

Jessica said...

ketchup chips and Smarties.

Jessica said...

Ooh! And year long maternity leave.

Kaylie said...

I have to comment on my own post. Lame, I know. I love butter tarts. And Nanaimo Bars.