Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Why I need help

Ha! I bet all 2 of my loyal readers had something to say about me after reading that title! Just kidding. I actually have 3 loyal readers.

Anyway, I was thinking about something I read a long time ago (I am so the less-effective writer who can't even give you a source) where some husband said something like this: "My wife doesn't come to my office, go to my meetings, do my paperwork, or help me out in my job in any way at all. That would just be silly. So why should anyone expect me to help with hers?"

Here goes. Sir.

If you're assuming that your wife's job as a SAHM is to do the dishes and the laundry, WRONG! Her job is to take care of the children. She probably didn't give up her career (or potential career) because sparkling windows were her life's ambition. It was because she couldn't resist those cute little dimpled faces. She may do more housework than you because she's home more or because you've agreed to that together, but that's extra. So you don't need to feel you're doing her job when you sweep the floor. Also, even if you understand that her job is child care, they are still your children, too.

How many hours a week does your job take? 40? 60? Her job is more like 100. Are you paying her overtime? Are the kids? Didn't think so. She puts in a lot more hours at her job than you. Not that we're keeping score (OK, we are), but sometimes she needs a break.

Also, she may not be proofreading your interdepartmental memos at the moment, but she probably has helped you with your job at some point. Like when she put you through school so you could get that job, or helped you study, or helped you prepare for the interview.

It's probably a good thing I don't know the source for that quotation. I don't think his inbox is big enough. But I'd be glad to share the responsibility of opening some emails with him.


Sara & Company said...

You go girl! Why is it that the rare times that I actually leave the kids with my cute hubby that I feel so guilty for having to have him "babysit" his own kids? Love the post!

The Shaw Family said...

go kaylie, go kaylie... whoo hoo!!I totally agree! why are there men out there that think that the children raise themselves, and we have nothing to do with it and then turn around and expect a sparkly house and dinner on the table??????????????????