Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Poor, sad computer

This week has been a sad one in our house. We had to put our nice computer to sleep. We could tell it was going to leave us soon. It wasn't feeling well at all. We'd be in the middle of doing something and the computer would suddenly just shut off for no reason. So the other day, Mark quietly and gently shut if off and took out all its parts. He took the computer off the desk and it sat peacefully on our floor for a while before Mark loaded it up in the van . We ordered another computer so it can come live with us, though of course we know it won't be the same as our old computer. Farewell, old computer. You have served us well.

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Sara & Company said...

So sad....but come on. Who doesn't love a new computer?!!! Oh...and I sent out an e-mail about a provider and will send you responses. Congrats again!!!!!!!