Thursday, July 31, 2008

Birthday Boy

If I'd been a smart little supermom, I would have planned Liam's birthday before our trip. But I didn't, and so we had to figure things out really fast. Not that it matters much with kids his age anyway. He and his friends invented their own games and had just as much fun as they did playing the ones I'd planned.


Sara and Company said...

Yay for birthdays! Yay for blog updates! Yay for nana's in town and celebrations and vacations and living the summer life with two busy boys and I'm sure a busy one just waiting to come out! So glad to see you are doing well and having a good summer! Love ya!

Nat and Kari said...

Happy Birthday Liam! Glad you had a fun vacation.

The AZ McMillans said...

Hey, you are supermom. You actually had birthday party! Happy Birthday to Liam!