Friday, November 7, 2008

13th Reality

I just finished reading a really fun fantasy-type book. It was kind of Harry Potter-like. I've read a lot of really bad young adult fantasy since I started writing for the same age group, so it's fun to find something I enjoy. I didn't have to force myself to get through to the end. It's by James Dashner. His writing is hilarious--check out the link to his blog on the right. He's been successful enough to quit his job and write full-time. Not an easy thing to accomplish when you're a writer with a family to support.

Speaking of support, many thanks to my writer's group for your ideas and suggestions. There's just nothing like being around other people who know the biz (especially when they're more experienced than you). I have lots of work I want to do (and not enough me clones to get it all done). I hope I can be as successful as they are someday. They inspire me!

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James Dashner said...

Hi Kaylie - just wanted to say thanks for your nice review of my book. You're awesome!

(the wonders of Google Alerts) :-)

I wish you all the best.