Wednesday, December 31, 2008

femimama rage

It's ironic, isn't it, how staying at home brings out the angry feminist in me?
Here's what made me mad recently. I sometimes get emails from parenting sites telling me about Baby Girl's stages of development as the pregnancy progresses.The other day, one suggested that now is a great time to get my hair cut. That's fine, I'm all for preggo mamas spoiling themselves. But then the article mentioned a salon visit would be a good idea so I can look oh-so-pretty in those first mama-baby pictures.
So let me get this straight. I'm at the hospital. I've just created a new life after carrying it inside me for about nine months. I've been sweating, grunting, breathing, and I don't remember what else for several hours and now I'm holding this miracle child and meeting her for the first time, but I should be worried about whether or not my hair is cute?
This is why I think so many women become obsessed about their bodies, their hair, their looks, etc. Because at the moment when heaven and earth intersect and compress themselves into this small moment of life, when it seems like the world is irrelevant but for ten little fingers and ten little toes, someone is telling women that their efforts are meaningless unless their hair is perfectly in place.


The crazy Shaw Family said...

HA! i had to giggle as i sit here with my little one on my lap, my hair hanging in my face and wearing shlumpy clothes! I completly concur that people are way too focused on the "cuteness" and not enough on the reality!
The only labor I looked remotely cute after was the last one, and that's cause it was only 4 hours long! didn't have time to get ucky!
love ya!

Nat and Kari said...

I agree. Completely ridiculous. Who's focusing on the momma in the pictures any way? Everyone, inclduing momma is drooling over her beautiful new baby love.

Sydney Salter said...

Exactly! Hope all goes well.