Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Is anyone else tired of reading about how our financial woes are all our fault? We are trying to build up our savings for an emergency. We've been trying for the last several years. The problem is, our life is an emergency.
Here are some expenses we've had within the last year:
-new glasses to replace the ones that broke
-new computer to replace the one that broke
-car repair after minor accident
-body work after minor accident
-hospital and doctor bills from new baby
-sprinkler system repair
-furniture, baby gear, diapers, and clothing for new baby
Then there are the emergencies we're putting off dealing with:
-Mark's teeth
-moldy bathroom floor
-broken fridge
-broken window screens
Some of the time, I manage to appreciate that Mark has a job and that we're not further in debt. But when I read some article suggesting we could be so much more prosperous if only we disciplined ourselves to save more, I get really mad!


Becca and Brian said...

Amen!! I was on the church websites little financial planning and according to them we are in the RED!! Whats up with that? I am sure there are thing we could cut back on but even then. I am just happy we don't have much descending debt.

Sara and Company said...

The never ending story. I try not to want more, but even then there still seems to be a million things that need money. Ugg. Good luck!

Nat and Kari said...