Sunday, April 12, 2009

Think, think...

Does anybody else remember Winnie the Pooh and how he used to think out loud? "Think, think..." I don't think out loud. I think by writing.

I've been working on Novel 2. It doesn't have a title yet. I'll call it Rocky when I'm referring to it since that's the main character's name. Here is a brief history of the manuscript:
-wrote 30 + pages
-decided the novel started way before that
-started over; wrote almost 100 pages
-asked writing group to critique first chapter
-got pregnant; discovered long-term thought was impossible when having constant contractions
-abandoned novel writing
-had baby
-wrote magazine articles
-went back to Rocky

Post-baby, I reread what I had written. And I decided I'd have to do some editing before I took it any further because everything was so inconsistent (that's what happens when you try to write the same novel twice). So I rewrote, (which in this case involves lots cutting and pasting). I'm still revising, and I'm only in the second chapter right now. It's amazing how newborn babies slow the writing process down.
But here's the amazing thing. As I've been plodding through, the characters and the plot have been plodding through my brain. Yup, you've got it folks, the mommy brain is thinking again. And since the book is on the brain, I get ideas. And they aren't necessarily related to what I'm writing at the time. I could be thinking about whether or not to move a paragraph in the second chapter, and suddenly I have an idea for tying things together in the last chapter. Or I move a subplot around and then I just know how that plot will resolve itself at the end.

I'm liking this writing thing. My word count isn't rising very fast, but my brainpower is. Not bad for a momma of very little brain.

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Megan said...

I can tell I'm going to love reading your blog! Also, thank you for the advice about taking some time each day for me. How exciting that you are doing something you love right now!