Friday, August 7, 2009

SAHM Bill of Rights

1. I am their mother, not their slave. Serving my children also means teaching them how to serve.
2. I have the right to burn, tear up, incinerate, shred, or stomp on my to-do list.
3. I have the right to ignore or even leave my children occasionally to teach them that Mommy has a life.
4. I can talk to myself all I like. Since I get so few compliments, I am entitled to congratulate myself out loud if I want to.
5. I am aware that my children will watch what I do. I will affect how my boys will treat their wives and how my girls will mother their own children. Therefore, I have the right to be a whole and happy person.
6. With the possible exceptions of stinky diapers and bleeding children, I have the right not to do a particular household job right now if I don't want to.
7. I have the right to choose my own priorities. And if my priority is to take a nap, blog, or call a friend, the laundry can wait.
8. I have the right to have interests other than house, home, and family.
9. I have the right to a messy house. It is not a reflection on my character, which means I also have the right not to apologize for said messy house.
10. Childhood does not wait, but dishes do. I can play Monopoly with my children and the dishes will still be there when I'm done.


Tara said...

AWESOME. can I print this out and put it on my wall? it's nice to have someone telling me "it's okay" every now and then. :)

Nicole said...

I'm really liking this list. I think it's definitely worth framing. Hey, you could make some good money with this list!