Friday, August 21, 2009

Stir-crazy much?

Here are the top ten signs you need to get out more:
1. You put on lipstick to take out the garbage.
2. KFC is exotic fare.
3. A relative gives you some money to spend on yourself, so you head to the dollar store.
4. Your idea of going out is to stand on the doorstep so you can yell at your kids to come in for dinner.
5. You've maxed out your credit card on library fines.
6. When deciding whether or not to change your clothes, you use the five-stain rule.
7. You're on a first name basis with the Domino's guy.
8. You've worn a hole through the butt of your pajamas.
9. Your husband has to attend a seminar on the eating habits of Tasmanian cockroaches, and you beg to come along.
10. You can run a comb through your leg hair.

1 comment:

mustangsabby said...

NUmber 6 is... well... I use that rule. *blush*