Thursday, September 3, 2009

Five days later...

I met Shannon Hale! That's right, all you jealous SH readers, she actually spoke words and addressed them to me. We as-yet unpublished authors are so not worthy. And, of course, I didn't bring my camera. Time for a Homer-style Doh! But, check it out. An autograph. There's proof for ya.

I was similarly blessed by James Dashner, Wendy Toliver, and Janette Rallison (though she wasn't there, I got her autograph the same day by coincidence). My bookcase is starting to look like the signed collection of the rich and famous. Well, published authors, anyway, which is better.

What a great event it was! Twenty or so authors, all sharing nuggets o' wisdom for us mere mortals. So inspiring. The novels languishing on my computer are so happy I went (finish me! they say). It wasn't like the authors' advice was totally new to me. But it was so fun to get to know so many more authors, not to mention entertaining. (Now we all know the meaning of the word docent.) Seriously, so many published authors sitting together in one place! We're talking (besides the aforementioned autograph signers) Anne Bowen, Sara Zarr, Kristyn Crow, Rick Walton, Brandon Mull, Brandon Sanderson, Sydney Salter, and more. I could go on all day, gush, gush, gush. What's not to love?

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Taffy said...

Hi Kaylie!
Thanks for visiting my blog. I saw your blog from Sara's! I should have left a note.
I thought Sara and her advice was great.
Good luck on your story. You have a great start!