Saturday, September 19, 2009

Silly financial tips

I suppose the people who read Money magazine are more likely to be well-off than the rest of us. But even they need to save money, which is why their cover story on ways to save money made me laugh. I'm always looking for ways to trim a few bucks, so it's a good thing Money knows how to get me to cut back.
For instance, I'll have to stop shelling out the big bucks for those monthly touch-ups at the upscale hair salons. Who knew you could do it yourself for just the cost of the bottle? And the lawn guy? It's a good thing they told me to do the mowing and weeding myself. I might never have thought of that. Who needs to go to Saks when you can get designer jeans online for hundreds less? Other nuggets of wisdom include brown bagging your lunch, cutting back on your cable package, and going to the library instead of the bookstore.
Please. I think it's insulting in an economy like this one, when people are cutting back on clothes, vacations, and groceries, to tell them to give up their Caribbean cruises.
They did have one tip, however, that we're already implementing: refinancing your home. We'll be saving more than a percentage point. That's a change I think we can live with.

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Christie said...

My favorite is when they tell you to buy a cappuccino machine and make your own at home instead of spending $6 a cup at Starbucks. Really? Thanks! Now I'll be able to make my mortgage.