Monday, October 5, 2009

Just because I'm used to rejection doesn't mean I like it

I know, I know, I'm doing very well to be writing and publishing lots of articles. But here's the irony in my life lately. If I really, really am excited about something I want to write, and I slave over the query until it's letter-perfect, then guess what? It comes right back to me. On the other hand, those queries I just throw out without very much forethought often result in assignments. Then I get surprised and then I realize that yes, I'm going to have to write this thing. And then, as I get into it, I find it's harder to write and requires much more brain space than I had planned to give it.
I don't mind writing the off-the-cuff stuff. I'm glad to be writing at all. I just hope that some time, my pet projects will get a voice in the world, too.


Meyer Family said...

Good luck!

Sara and Company said...

heehee... isn't that the truth. You are amazing! Determined! Smart! Talented! You will be heard!