Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I know it's not really a word, but I think its more correct synonyms are inadequate.
Anyway, it's a quality I don't have as much as I would like. There are writers who get so excited about what they're writing that they can't stop. They write pages and pages, moving their fingers with their muses, until the inspiration runs dry. This sometimes happens to them at 2 am. But no matter! They must write because their characters are talking to them and they must get it all down or be forever haunted.
Not me. I can get my butt in the chair and start writing (after checking my email and Facebook, of course). But I quickly get bored. I write a scene or two, and then, after about three or four pages, I'm done. No voices are compelling me to write more. I might know what comes next, or I might not, but I don't want to write it. Not today. After my daily short spurt, I'm done. I guess you could say I'm a jogger, not a sprinter. Even if, like today, I have a baby-sitter here, and I finally have time to write all I want for a while. Even if I have a noble goal in mind, like finishing the draft before New Year's.
My muse is a short-term muse. It's subject to the whims of my body. If I'm hungry, I eat. If I'm tired, I go to bed. And if I don't want to write any more, I quit. Or blog.
Writing pages and pages of inspired prose in one sitting? Just not my style.


Kasie West said...

Every one has a different style. If the way your doing it eventually gets in done then it's perfectly fine. I actually think the way you do it can be better sometimes because it means you're more balanced. It's what I'm striving for this year. :)

Melanie J said...

I'm the same kind of writer. I do a thousand words a day, sometimes with my feet dragging so much I can't believe I haven't permanently grooved my floor, and then I'm DONE. Only twice have I ever done those thousands and thousands of words days and that's because I had deadlines. Definitely a jogger.