Thursday, February 11, 2010

How to make a cherry blossom tote

We interrupt this writing blog to post about crafts. Why? Well, since we normally never have time for such a frivolous pursuit as crafting, when we do actually get to craft, we must celebrate it.

Step 1. Buy fabric tote.

Step 2. Allow children near fabric tote. Then see if they can create an impalement hazard.

Step 3. Go to hobby store. Get disgusted at their prices and lack of selection for replacement tote.

Step 4. Decide to make it yourself.

Step 5. Buy unfinished wooden totes on clearance from craft store.

Step 6. Look for Chinese or Japanese-looking scrap paper to Mod Podge to tote.

Step 7. Give up in disgust after searching several craft stores and decide to paint it instead.

Step 8. Look for paint to match living room. Remember there is still paint left over from second trimester nesting phase. Leave store empty-handed but happy with bargain-hunting skills.

Step 9. Inhale paint fumes while covering totes in two coats of red.

Step 10. Let dry overnight.

Step 11. Decide to paint cherry blossoms on totes.

Step 12. Google line drawings of cherry blossoms.

Step 13. Decide it can't be that hard to draw branches (no straight lines required) and cherry blossoms (five dots of paint in a circle).

Step 14. Give children their own totes to paint. Give children baths. Wash off table. Repeat.

Step 15. Swear never to do crafts again.


Christie said...

It looks lovely. You are brave to do with the kids awake. You go girl! My craft time comes after they are tucked away snug in their beds. This is why I am leaving you a comment at 1:40am. I would not be able to comment otherwise or it would look a little something like this:ikjm kmjkllkjadfsdfdsdsf

And then the computer would turn off and the comment would be lost and I'd be frustrated and....well you know how it goes. :)

Seriously though, the tote looks great. :)

Meyer Family said...

Your cherry blossoms look great! I'm sure your kids had fun painting too! How cool to let them help out.

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Kathryn Fitzmaurice said...

What a beautiful tote. You have inspired me!