Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Poetry time

This post comes from a rhyming query contest over at Grab a Pen. The contest was in March, but I recently remembered my scintillating effort. Though I didn't win :( , and only large amounts of frozen yogurt topped with piles of delicious berries will soothe my agonizing heart (that's Yogurt Stop. They do issue gift cards), it's worth checking out some of other (less) funny queries. Here's my ever-so-hilarious entry:

There's a tough-guy teen fighter named Rocky
Who'd rather punch-punch than talk-talky.
Foster sis likes her Luckys
And he thinks that suckys
'Cause his parents buy him diddly-squocky.

Rocky wants to get cozy with Charlotte
Whose cheeks are a sweet shade of scarlet.
He makes her a bet,
Thinking he'll get her yet,
But, oops! she's a brain, not a harlot.

Then there's his best man-buddy Bron,
Who likes to make cabins at dawn.
Rock tries to help build
Then the cabin gets killed
Hmm, who's got his wrecking ball on?

His parents sleep in separate beds
Which screws with the almost-sibs' heads.
The 'rents want to adopt Becki
But she's sick of the home wrecki
It gets worse! Dad stops taking his meds.

So I'm hoping that you like my plot.
My mother sure likes it a lot.
C'mon, what the hell?
You know it will sell.
Reject me and you'll die and rot.


Talli Roland said...

I love this, Kaylie! Made me snicker throughout - especially the last stanza!

Heather said...

That's hilarious Kaylie, I needed a laugh-out-loud moment! That's true talent. :) And I love poems that have the word hell in them, makes them more meaningful I think!