Thursday, July 28, 2011


In a few hours, I'm going to have about eight little boys in my house. I have way too much to do to finish getting ready. So what am I going to do about it?


Some people love their kids' birthday parties. They choose some cutesy theme and get way into it. They stay up multiple nights, sewing elaborate decorations and buying fondant to decorate that cake just so.

Now, if you know me at all, you'd think I'm the creative type. I sew, I write, I play the flute. But guess what? When it comes to the domestic arts, I'm a few cupcakes short of adorable.

Take the cake, for instance. L. wanted a Lego theme party, so I thought I'd make him a Lego cake. No problem. Just bake a flat cake, and then bake some mini-cupcakes and turn them upside down for the connectors.

Well, it ended up looking like a flat cake with meatballs on top.

FAIL! I also made Rice Krispie treat Legos. Sort of. I tried to fill up some water balloons and I ended up with sore fingers and broken balloons (note to self for next year: cheap water balloons are just that--cheap).

Then, for my most brilliant move, I took the younger kids with me to buy L's presents. They got home and told him exactly what he was getting.

This is going to damage my can-do attitude. With domestic diva crossed off my list, my to-do list has shrunk. Maybe when the party's over, I'll get real crazy and put sleeping back on there.


Compulsive Crystal said...

LOL. Hey, at least you're ambitious! The kids won't remember anything except that this was the most awesome birthday ever. Way to be a great mom!

Kari said...

A for effort Kaylie "Brown". =)

Melanie said...

Wow. That's still far-and-away above anything my kids ever get for birthdays. My kids are lucky if they don't have to make their own cake. And an actual birthday party? Yeah, not likely. In fact, we give them the option of a dinner alone with Mom and Dad or a birthday party. We talk up the idea of dinner and how awesome it is to go to a "real" restaurant. The kids fall for it (nearly) every time.