Monday, October 22, 2007

Computer wars

OK, so I admit it. In my last blog, I lied. I am not happy with just my shiny red vacuum, even though I love it. I want more! I wouldn't mind getting that new computer monitor Mark wants. In fact, I wouldn't mind a new printer. OK, I really want a whole new computer. Then we'd have one for me, one for Mark.

Why such indulgent dreaming? Because even though Mark has a laptop for his work, he uses it only for work. And we fight over the other one.

Here's how it goes. I will say, "Honey, could you take care of the kids for just a minute? I have to go to the bathroom." But the bathroom trip turns into a detour by the computer. While Mark is watching the kids, I sneak into the computer room and take control. Pretty soon, Mark starts to wonder if I fell in the toilet and comes looking for me. "Did you steal my internet?" he asks. Well, yeah.

I justify it by saying that at least I'm doing something Really Useful (thank you, Thomas) instead of playing computer games. Then we exchange guilt trips. Both of us are nearly professionals at this. "But honey, if you need to use the internet, you can. I'll get off the computer for a little while." That, of course, turns into, "No, that's all right. I'll just read my book/watch the kids/sit in the corner and feel sorry for myself."

Using the computer when the kids are around is impossible. Kyle likes to crawl underneath the desk and turn the computer off just before I save my data. Both Liam and Kyle enjoy typing letters. "I'll just type an "n" to help you, Mama." Enter is another of their favorite keys. Especially if I'm not finished my email and the mouse is resting on "send". I'm sure my friends are thrilled to know that I think they're just fa.

Ah, for the good old days in the eighties when couples used to fight over the remote.


Sara & Company said...

Hense, why I am on the computer at 4:30 in the morning. It is the only time I can get to have a dose of that sanity! Good luck with your computer wars!

Sara & Company said...

Also...I truly do feel blessed for our computers. Every family has their "thing" and computers I think just happen to be ours. Jason's is too precious for us to touch and so therefore I have a fantastic Mac that I must admit is my favorite "toy"....and much too precious for Will to touch.....soooo, he gets to enjoy his own little set-up. And no, Adri doesn't have one yet....but she's only 6 months. We'll give her a few more months! Hee hee!

The AZ McMillans said...

Kevin and I use to fight over the computer too! But then he kept bringing up that he wanted to build a computer, just to see if he could. He did, and now I steal that one too! I think it's a case of "I want what you have no matter what it is." How old am I again?!