Friday, October 19, 2007

My favorite things

I decided today my blog will be a little more positive. So here are a few mama chores I actually enjoy.

1. Blogging. OK, it's not in the typical hausfrau job description, but it keeps my household running smoothly (as in keeps mama sane), so it counts. It's cheaper than therapy and/or drugs, and it keeps me smiling. I compose blogs in my head when I can't be at the computer, so it helps me to find the funny. Oh, I am so sick I feel like the middle of a steamroller sandwich--ha ha ha! My child threw his toys down the vent again--ha ha ha!

2. Vacuuming. We recently bought a new vacuum to replace the one that died. Our new vacuum is a shiny red color, and it's bagless. The front is clear so you can watch the cracker crumbs and dust bunnies go swoop! inside the dirt cup. New gadgets are so fun. My husband would rather have a new game system or computer monitor, but I'm happy with my shiny red vacuum. Considering that my job that rarely has tangible rewards, watching my dirt cup fill up gives me actual proof of what I accomplished.

3. Laundry. I love how you put clothes and detergent in, and then you go somewhere else, and poof! the clothes just get clean all by themselves. Just like magic. Next I'm going to invent a baby-changing machine. Poof! Baby could change his own diapers.

I was going to write more, but baby is crying. Silly boy! Thinks I should come get him or something. That reminds me, I love how mamas can make just about any baby problem all better.

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Sara & Company said...

Well, I'm glad you like blogging. I love reading yours and it truly does help with the momma sanity! And yes, for some reason there is nothing like new gadgets. Fun, fun!