Thursday, November 22, 2007

Toddler magnet

We will spend the next 5-6 weeks saying "No!", "Don't touch that!", and "You'd better not break that or else!" We'll be breaking up fights between the children because the older one will insist that he was only protecting the tree when he hit his brother in the nose. We'll hear children whining because Santa should have known that boys will change their minds about what they want Christmas Eve even though they insisted it was nothing but Star Wars from the moment the tree went up.

But it was hard to wait even this long to put the tree up. I am only partially a victim of merchants' evil early seasonal marketing schemes. I also blame my Christmas spirit on being a musician, which means I have to start practising Christmas music in October or November. When you've got Christmas on the brain, it doesn't take long before it shows up in your living room. And in your baby's mouth.

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