Thursday, December 6, 2007

Nap time...start your engines!

Kyle is asleep, and Liam is old enough now to cooperate with Mama Alone Time. So now that I finally have some time to myself, what should I do?

The options are many. First, there are the things I need to do. Eating is fun. So is going to the bathroom.

Then there's the house. I believe in doing things for myself, but sometimes I'm just too neurotic to tune out the chores calling to me. Besides, a messy house makes it hard to concentrate. I won't list the housework I need to do because that would be a chore all its own.

Some things I like to do because it satisfies my compulsion to cross off things on my mental to-do list. Like budget. I admit it. I like entering the numbers into those cute little cells and watching all the other numbers change.

Add to that the category we'll call "self-development". This generally includes writing, reading about web design, reading my history book, blogging, scrapbooking, etc.

Then there are things that are just plain fun. OK, there's only one thing on that list. It's reading. I love the library. It's a good thing I can check my account for overdue materials online because I always have at least eight things checked out at any given time.

Eat, go to the bathroom, clean, budget, write, blog, read...

So I have about two hours of baby nap time, if I'm lucky. Are you ready to see how many things I can get done in that short stretch of time? One, two...Nap time? That reminds me. All those things seem so hard to do, and there's so many of them, and I'm so tired...

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Sara & Company said...

I think this is truly one of the hardest decisions of the day (if at all this beautiful allotment of time in fact comes!!!). I think I spend more time trying to figure out which of the 10 million things I need to do should get my time and then tend to bounce around between them so that in the end, it looks like I haven't accomplished anything at all. Good luck with your nap!!!