Monday, December 3, 2007

Kaylie unplugged

That's right, look out, you big bad world. Kaylie is back in her big white minivan. She is out on the streets, cruising around with a folded-up stroller, ready to take on the world as fast as her children's toddling feet will let her.

Yes, the car is back in commission. Spark plugs. Good one, kids.

The blog is a little slower to get going again, however, because we don't believe in having just one possession die at once. Our digital camera died at the same time as our car. We just barely got our replacement camera from Canon today, and I haven't sat down yet to play with it. Of course, the camera we paid $400 for four years ago is now worth about a quarter of that amount and obsolete. So Canon sent us an upgrade, which I'm starting to think is worth about as much as buying the same camera new at the store, if it weren't obsolete already. Seriously, Canon really doesn't make the replacement model camera anymore either.

Then I decided that fixing the car and the camera didn't cost us quite enough money right before Christmas. So I bought a gym membership.

I rationalized it away really well. They were offering me this really good deal if I bought the membership at that very moment. And the exercise at home plan wasn't happening. A friend of mine used to exercise with her daughter in the mornings. My children are not so generous.

You see, Mommy exercising means Mommy is not playing Star Wars and peek-a-boo with them. I could, though, if I were a really diligent, caring mama. I could get a hold of that lightsaber and brandish it between my toes while I do jumping jacks. I could see how many kicks it takes before my foot connects with a child's face.

Or I could stuff my children in the big bad minivan and drop them off in the gym's day care, where I won't kick them accidentally and other children will kick them on purpose.

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