Saturday, January 5, 2008

5 things I'm grateful for

1. A child who's scared of the dark. I can't remember when I was so little that spiders and Darth Vader were the most frightening things in my world.

2. Books and toys scattered all over the house. I'm glad they like books and toys more than TV and that they're little enough that they haven't forgotten how to play.

3. Mini-Wheat kisses. My boys want to share everything with their mama, even breakfast.

4. A baby who cries while I work out. It's sad for both of us that separation causes him such anguish, but on the other hand, one day he'll be a teenager and be embarrassed to be seen with me. I'm glad he loves me so much.

5. A baby who weans slowly. We're down to five times a day. I don't have much time left to watch him rub him eyes and slowly close them while I hold him and rock him to sleep.

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Sara & Company said...

What a fresh breath of reality and what truly is important. Thank you! I always say, all of the good of having kids make up for the hard. Your thoughts are too precious!