Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I aim to please

Every agent has different requirements. It's actually funny sometimes. I've read books and blogs that insist it's a bad idea to send agents plot outlines for sequels, especially if they're for trilogies or series, because if your first book smells worse than my fridge, they won't want to see the rest. But then I read an SCBWI discussion board rumor that Laura Rennert with Andrea Brown books signed an author and got him a six-figure deal because she was so impressed with the plot outlines for the six books he wanted to write after the one he was pitching. Some agents want only email, some snail mail. Some are query only, but some want an outline or a synopsis (what are those? depends who you ask) and/or the first ten pages. Some respond by email, some want a SASE, and some don't reply at all. Some will accept simultaneous submissions, but most want you to send them exclusive submissions so only their intern has the right to throw it in the shredder while you sit at home picking your nose.

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Sara & Company said...

Good luck with that! Yikes!!!