Friday, May 2, 2008

So the slacker

Some days, I think to myself: Yes, if I could write ten pages a day, I'd be done the first draft of Book 2 (which still doesn't have a title--you know how I struggle with titles) in under two weeks! Writing ten pages wouldn't really take that much time. Maybe 2-3 hours, if I were on a roll. And let's say I wanted to make a few hundred dollars consistently every month from writing. If I sent out 10-20 magazine article queries every month, odds are I'd get about one assignment per month for my efforts. So I tell myself I will not waste time until after I have written for at least an hour.

But then I remember I need to email someone. And I've got to check my blog for comments. And what about that friend request I sent out yesterday on Facebook? And did anyone post a reply to my question on the SCBWI discussion boards? And, look at that grass in the backyard! It's grown since yesterday. I bet if I sat and watched it, it would grow some more!

The good thing about not being published (yet) is that I don't have any deadlines.

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Sara & Company said...

Hee is amazingly how efficiently I manage to waste time. But I tell you what....sometimes we mamas just need a break and that is the only way we can have it.