Friday, June 6, 2008

Lies about writing

I could probably write a series about writing lies. You know, those well-meaning tips that are supposed to teach you how to write because some actual published author did it that way, so you should, too.
Here's the first one. If you are bored by your writing, then your readers will be, too. If you think your writing is no good, so will your readers. Wrong! Here's why:

1. First drafts always stink. If it's boring, convoluted, and just plain stupid when you write it, it doesn't mean it has to stay that way.
2. Writers are their own worst critics. Most of the time I am bored with my own writing simply because I can't imagine what I'm going to write next. Or I just don't want to write anymore because it's hard.
3. Even successful writers don't think much of themselves, and generally don't know what will sell and what will not.
4. Web-surfing is so much more exciting. Writing is work, and work is boring.
5. Not all readers are alike. I am sometimes bored by books other readers can't put down, and vice versa.

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