Thursday, September 25, 2008

I thought girl names were easy

Once, I was jealous of people who had baby girls because there were so many more cute girl names than cute boy names (I thought). But, for baby 3, the debate rages on. It's not as easy as I used to think when I was twelve and made out baby name lists (did anybody else do that?)

First, after you find some names you like, then your husband has to like them, too. Then the first names have to go with your last name. Then you don't want them to sound too much like your other kids' names because you already have trouble remembering which kid is which. Then the names you had picked out for the older kids just in case the ultrasound was wrong don't seem right for this baby, either.

So then you spend your spare time tearing through baby name books and web sites, saying to yourself, "I know the right name must be in here somewhere" over and over until you've memorized every entry from A through F.


Sara and Company said...

Hee true. And even if you find ones you like, you still search through those silly books and on the internet "just to make sure". Good luck!

Nat and Kari said...

I know what you mean. I always had a list of 20 girl names and about 4 boy names. We had a girl name all picked out for our 1st and assumed we'd use it whenever we got a girl. Before we knew this baby was a boy too we were surprised to find we kept coming up with boy names but weren't at all sure about our original girl choice anymore. Good luck!