Saturday, September 13, 2008

OK, so I'm a little behind

Behind as in my behind's stuck to the couch all the time. Here's what's new--wake up, eat, eat more, sleep, try to stay awake, eat, eat more, sleep. I remember after Liam was born thinking that I should have investigated what to do with myself at home while I was pregnant. Now I understand why I didn't. I was just too tired. Too tired to think, too tired to move, too tired to care. And hungry.

I haven't been doing much writing. I'd like to. But I get in front of the computer and pretty soon I have to prop my head up to keep it from falling on the keyboard.

I decided to take some classes on web design so I could get out of the house and be better prepared for a job later on. But they're starting me off with the basics. "What is a mouse?" "True or false: Notebooks are smaller than personal computers." Zzzzz.... Somebody pinch me. And don't leave my side. Just keep on pinching.

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The AZ McMillans said...

Hey, sometimes it's all we can do to accomplish the basics...especially when pregnant. Blogging sometimes has to be put on the back burner. I hope all is going well.