Thursday, December 11, 2008

My illustrious writing career

Since I know all my loyal readers are wondering when I'm going to get my millions for my best-selling book, I'll fill you in on all the details.
Lately, I've done very little writing. At about 7:00 in the evening, I enter zombie zone, which means all I can do is lie on the couch until about 11:30, when Baby Girl finally stops her late night dancing parties. If I decide to get off the couch to do something, I have to rent a crane to lift me off since the aches in my inner thighs make getting up a major exercise in hydraulics. I used to write when Kyle took his afternoon naps, but he doesn't do that every day, and when he does, I'd rather sleep, too.
I decided to do some article writing since the novel thing requires way too much concentration. Before I changed focus, I had finished the first novel, gotten about halfway through the second, and done a very sketchy first chapter for a third. Now I've decided to rework novel #1 after having some nice writers give me some great criticism. As for the second and third novels, who knows. It's too daunting to think about when my brain is filled with baby.
I've been querying some magazines and gotten one rejection after another as a result. I'm beginning to realize I was really lucky to have one article published so early in my efforts. When they're just starting out, many writers do well to receive one assignment for ten queries. I'm no different. On the bad days, though, it seems like no one will ever want to pay me for anything I do ever again.
That's what sometimes happens when you haven't been working for awhile. You don't do something for a long time, so pretty soon you start to think you can't. I haven't been earning any money (except for that wonderful small paycheck from one magazine) in five years, so when I try to bring in a little income and I haven't bought that Beverly Hills mansion within the first four months, of course the only possible conclusion is that it's pointless to try, right?
So I need to be patient and realistic. These things make so much more sense when I'm not freaking out at 10:30 pm (mid baby dancing party).


The crazy Shaw Family said...

Honey, it will come! When the baby dancing is over, and you have more time,it will come. Then you will be looking back at the baby dance years and wondering why you ever freaked out in the first place.
Enjoy the dance, cause sooner then you know, she will be dancing at her wedding.
Love you!

Tara said...

awww baby dancing parties!! I didn't have them quite as much as you obviously do. :) she'll be here before you know it! it really IS amazing that you are able to continue to write through all of....well, life as a mommy!! I love your blog entries, so I imagine that your writing is quite good. hm, I'll have to read something that you did. well, besides the blog. someday. :) hang in there!!