Monday, December 1, 2008

Yay for nice husbands

Today, I'm very sick. Like I can't talk sick. And how are you supposed to keep your kids from pulling the cat's tail, killing each other, or demolishing the Christmas tree when you can't yell at them? So my nice husband took the day off. He cleaned the house, yelled at the kids for me, and ran to the store to pick me up some Tylenol, which is about the only thing I can take. He also made lunch and dinner for everybody while I read Harry Potter (my favorite sick day literature). He collapsed from exhaustion on the couch about an hour ago. He said that he's starting to feel a little achy, so I might be waiting on him tomorrow, assuming I'm better...sigh. All our hand washing didn't keep those tiny little germs from finding their cute little way inside our bodies. Nothing like having kids to keep a person from being healthy.


Brian and Becca said...

cute blog! good to hear from you. Your house looks nice and big I'm jealous. Yes, we are still in our small condo in Murray. I just keep seeing people comin and goin like it's going out of style. It will be us soon, well, if you call 1.5 years soon.

Nat and Kari said...

That is very sweet. I hope you're feeling better and that Mark managed not to get sick!

The crazy Shaw Family said...

boo to germs, yeah for sweet hubbies!