Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Outdoor-deprived dilemma

I was talking to Kyle about how his babysitter is going to camp and he said, "Oh! Camp is from Toy Story!" So my kids don't get out much.

Mark and I have been talking a lot lately about vacations. We'd really like to go on one this year, but for the first time in a while, we are finally able to put some money in savings. When you hear scary stories about people losing their jobs, it really makes you want to sock some away.

But we have never been on a vacation, except for trips other people have paid for. Like the family reunion last year (thanks, Mark's uncles), or the trip to Canada when Liam was 2 (thanks, Nana). We don't even have a tent because we never had room for camping equipment in the condo and just haven't been able to shell out the big bucks for one since we moved here.

Aren't the family trips what create memories for kids? I'm not even talking about flying to Europe or Caribbean cruises. I'm just talking about different scenery--eating smores, going fishing, seeing the stars...

But it's hard to justify that when I think of how long it would take us to go bankrupt if Mark lost his job.

What do you think? Save the money for a rainy day or spend the rainy day stuck in a tent?


Nat and Kari said...

I know what you mean. This 2 day trip to Maryland was the first time we've gone anywhere in almost 4 years. Except for one trip to Utah paid for by my brother. The only reason we were able to go is because we had American Express points that made our hotel free. If you're just contemplating camping in a tent you could go for about $125. You can get a tent at COSTCO for $89, then you'd just have the food, gas to somewhere close by, and then the $10 campground fee. I don't know. I'm all for the memories, but we've been trying to save too which is why we've been no where. So tough! Sorry for the loooong response. =)

Christie said...

I'm more of the opinion that we don't live to work, we work to live. That doesn't mean we should be irresponsible with our funds, but that we should go out and have fun and create memories - in a wise manner. If we were to take an expensive cruise or head over to Europe, that would be very unwise on our measley budget. But a camping trip or a well-budgeted vacation is good for the soul, and good for harmony in the family. My best memories are camping with my family. Every summer we'd go at least twice, and every summer, at least twice, our vehicle broke down on the way. Pretty crappy at the time, but it gives me warm feelings of nostalgia now and I appreciate my parents making the sacrifice. It isn't easy going on vacation with little ones. So, that is a very long way of saying that I vote you go. That is, if you were holding a vote, which you're not...but if you were...:). Ok, I'll end now.