Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ickle firsties

Two firsts this week: I actually won a blog contest, thanks to Sydney at My Big Nose. I actually get my very own book for free. Wahoo! She has some excellent contests at her site.

Next, I got my first blog award from Alissa at Slightly Cheaper Than Dirt. I've seen this one hanging out on various blogs, but now it's all mine *evil cackle*:

This is the best part: I get to lie. I will tell you six lies about myself and one truth. You get to figure out which of the seven is true. If you want to play, put your guess in the comments.

1. I love to sing, and so one time when I was at a Mandy Patinkin concert a few years ago, I screamed out, "I wanna sing with you!" He stopped what he was doing and asked me to come up on the stage with him and we did a "Kiss to Build a Dream On" duet, only my voice was shaking so bad it sounded terrible.

2. Once I got this huge enormous pink growth on my earlobe. I had to have it surgically removed, local anaesthetic only. They sent the big ol' glob of skin to the lab to test it, just in case it was cancer.

3. I hate mushrooms. If anything I'm gonna eat has even come in contact with any kind of fungus at any time, I refuse to eat it. I even check ingredient labels at the grocery store to make sure.

4. One time when I was in my teenage Nirvana phase, I tattooed Kurt Cobain's name on my shoulder.

5. I've broken my wrist exactly six times. Once at Canada's Wonderland, once when I landed the wrong way at the skating rink, once when my oldest did a running jump move on me, once falling out of a tree, once when I walked into a door, and once in a soccer game.

6. It's kinda weird for a writer, but I hate to read aloud to my kids. It takes way too long to read something out loud. I make my husband do bedtime stories.

7. I don't own a wristwatch. I believe it makes me too anal about watching the time, so I purposely don't wear one.


1. Mom, you can't play. That would just be too easy.
Those are all the rules.

I'm passing this award along to the following five people:

3. Maria at Maria Zannini
5. Gwen at Living by my Pen


Terresa said...

Thanks for the award! That is so sweet.

PS: My husband never wore a wristwatch until recently. It used to bug me how he'd never know the time. I love clocks & watches, although I often seem to be running late!!

Maria Zannini said...

Hey, thanks, Kaylie!

And I don't know if I could pick a truth out of the seven, but I'll vote for the 'no watch' one.

I stopped wearing one a few years ago and haven't missed it since.

Tara said...

okay, I'm curious which one is the truth!! I can't quite decide. you are too good.

Erin Kuhns said...

Thank you for your award!! I'm just now getting around to catching up on things and I'm enjoying your blog! Thank you for existing! :)

The truth...I'm voting the broken wrist one. Although, the watch one makes sense--I refuse to wear one. Can't stand things on my wrists and fingers...