Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm not crying

So, the writing craft books tell me, if you're not crying while you're writing your deeply emotional main-character-confronts-her-inner-demons scene, your readers won't be either.

Well, I might cry while I'm writing, but it's mostly for other reasons. What are they, you ask (I know 'cause I read your bloggy minds)?

Here's a short list: I'm going to pull my hair out if I have to wash one more load of laundry, I haven't had my vitamins today, and a Saturn commercial sneaked up on me while I was ironing.

When I'm on the billionth draft of my novel, can you blame me if there are more waterworks coming from my sweat glands than my tear ducts? I think any kind of water emanating from any part of my body ought to count. Like if I go pee seven times today instead of the usual five, doesn't that make my scene extra touching?

I'm currently working on a scene where my character has to tell her mother some serious stuff and the mother doesn't respond the way she'd hoped. So I try to reach back to my own inner demons. Like there was the time I peed on the floor in first grade. That was pretty traumatic. And there was water emanating all over the place! Yup, water counts. See how sad I make things when I write? Are you crying yet?

Anyway, I think the only way you can tell if the emotions you express are touching someone else is if they read it and tell and/or show you.

Anybody else got any tips or got any water running out from their bodies? (Noses count, too. Colds are very, very sad.)

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