Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year's resolutions are for people who don't have hiccups

It's that time of year again, when, in a moment of mad frenzied ambition, I uncover my long-lost Superwoman identity hidden somewhere between the sticky pantry and the dusty computer desk.

She's not very excited to show herself today. So sorry to disappoint you, bloggyland.

Normally she makes her appearance sometime between Dec. 30th and Jan. 2, so excited to dust off her dreams and show the world what she's made of. But it so didn't happen this year. Not yet anyway. This year she had a layer of stomach flu, late sleeping, and uneaten crab wontons keeping her under wraps. It's a shame, really.

Superwoman had so many plans.

She was going to finish her current draft (plus maybe a couple more) of her WIP and submit it for publication. She was going to finish the first draft of another book. She was going to work much harder on her Etsy store and get so many orders she scarcely had time to fill them all. She was going to be a non-yelling mother who kept her house clean and her mind sane. She was going to keep up with her flute playing endeavors and make sure to include her daily exercise and throw in some bubble baths while she was at it. She was also going to single-handedly cure cancer, create world peace, and remember to change the kitty litter before it starts to smell, all while standing on her head.

But she's not coming out this year. I can't possibly achieve any kind of Zen state or Superwoman-contacting conduit while I have the hiccups. So maybe you'll meet her tomorrow.

If you're the kind of person who can stand on your head while hiccuping, more power to you. For today, it's one too many things for even Superwoman to deal with.


Tracy said...

Considering I'm a couple days late to this post, I surely hope you've gotten rid of those pesky hiccups by now!!

And you're one step ahead of me. At least you have a superwoman who wants to accomplish that. I'm pretty sure I have ADHD woman, she can't pay attention long enough to set goal, let alone reach them.

Melanie said...

World peace? Wow, Superwoman has some big goals. I'd settle for a King Size Dark Chocolate Milky Way that didn't add an ounce to my figure. Think Superwoman could work that one out for me?