Friday, August 12, 2011

I totally hate decisions.

Well, not really.


Let me think about it for a while.

I love way too many things, and I'm starting to think it might be a good idea to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I'm so scattered it feels like I'm running around in circles.

Most of my projects have been on hold since the birthday/baptism/vacation/family crises started. I was a little insane as I tried to prepare for all these activities: making phone calls, baking, preparing pizza crusts, buying presents, sending out invitations, checking details, packing, etc. And, miraculously enough, I survived them all.

L's birthday party was fun, we came back from Las Vegas in one piece (though we nearly lost our poor girl at the hotel), he actually did get baptized, and my family members caught their plane home.

Then M. got sick Sunday night. And since my kids absorbed their lessons on sharing a little too well, I got sick, K. got sick, and L. got sick. I'm still recovering.

But guess what? In the meantime I got an Etsy order! Wouldn't want to let a little sickness stop me! I started sewing some sheets, even though I could barely stand up, because I felt sorry for the lady who is due to deliver twins within days and needs a special size for her babies. I'm like the post office. Sleet, hail, doesn't matter, you can depend on me.

So all this sickness and sewing has kept me from my typical activities. Remember that novel in its fourth draft I've been working on? Haven't looked at it for about a month. My amazing business idea of helping workplaces become more family-friendly? Um, it's still a great idea. Flute? Well, luckily for me, there's no orchestra or flute choir rehearsals for another couple weeks.

The thing is, I might be successful at any one of these endeavors if I could pick one and go with it. In the words of the immortal Crush, "Focus, dude!"

But I hate to give anything up. If I choose one, I'll have to scale way back on the others. I can't imagine being without writing. Or giving up on my business idea. No music in my life? I don't think so. Not sew? Well, where's the fun in that? But I also know, as long as I cling to all of my activities, I'll be too scattered to do well at any of them.

So I guess I just haven't learned to establish priorities and make decisions. But I'm going to have to choose sooner or later.



Catherine Denton said...

Haha. Fun post! There's four weeks in a month, maybe just dedicate a week to each of them? ;)
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Melanie said...

Oh, wow! This resonates with me. Sometimes I think I have ADHD because I jump back and forth between projects. Really, how hard is it to just focus on one thing? For me, it seems near impossible.